Bonnier Healthcare with the Queen Silvia Nursing Award Sweden

26 lokakuun, 2020
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Bonnier Healthcare will partner with the Queen Silvia Nursing Award in Sweden and Finland. Bonnier Healthcare offers market-leading media and information services throughout Scandinavia, with a strong focus on patients, professionals and other healthcare stakeholders. The company provides professional information solutions, in-depth data collection and qualitative analysis for healthcare, the pharmaceutical industry and other relevant players in the sector.

Bonnier Healthcare is part of the larger Swedish media group Bonnier AB, with 175 companies operating in 15 countries. Bonnier Healthcare currently operates under the Swedish brands Bonnier Academy, Bonnier Pharma Insights, Medibas and; and under Netlääkä in Finland. Parallel operations can also be found in Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Poland, Germany and Slovenia. “Bonnier Healthcare is dedicated to improving healthcare with a patient centric approach rooted in evidence based medicine. We have a long-standing tradition of producing up-to-date content in order to bring awareness and knowledge to both patients and HCPs. Our vision is to knowledge-ensure every healthcare encounter” says Fredrik Andersson, CEO of Bonnier Healthcare.

Fredrik Andersson, CEO of Bonnier Healthcare.

”During the coming year we are putting an increased focus on dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in an effort to improve treatment and discovery throughout the patient journey. On our resources, patients and dependants will be able to engage with high quality content, digital education and other insightful resources to better cope with the disease progression.

Being a primarily digital company, we embrace the values of innovation and progress. As such we know that innovation happens when the people closest to the problem get an opportunity to try out their solutions. We are therefore proud to partner with the Queen Silvia Nursing Award and hope to help in finding the next ground-breaking innovation just waiting to be discovered.”

Petra Tegman, CEO of Swedish Care International adds; “We are excited to partner with a world-class organization such as Bonnier Healthcare. There is a strong ambition behind Netdoktor and Netlääkäri’s mission to empower the public in their care-journeys through readily available health and medical information. This is particularly critical for people living with a dementia diagnosis. My experience as a nurse has shown that patient and caregiver engagement facilitates better care delivery, outcomes, patient experience, and efficiency. These are also the core objectives behind the Queen Silvia Nursing Award – to share and disseminate best practice to elevate the quality of life and care for older people and people living with a dementia diagnosis by recognizing the contributions of nursing talent during the ongoing pandemic.”

The Queen Silvia Nursing Award

The Queen Silvia Nursing Award addresses one of the greatest challenges of our shared global future – population ageing and the need for quality elderly and dementia nursing. The scholarship motivates nurses and nursing students to become innovators for healthcare development while building and promoting competence in professional nursing.

The project was established in 2013 as a gift to Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden in recognition of her long-standing association with, and support of, the elderly and dementia care.


The Queen Silvia Nursing Award accepts applications from nurses and nursing students from Sweden, Finland, Poland, Germany, Lithuania and America via the University of Washington School of Nursing.

The 2020 edition of the Queen Silvia Nursing Award is focused on COVID-19 care in healthcare environments. All interested nursing talent interested in applying for the Euro 6000 scholarship must submit an idea or solution to improve the nursing response to COVID-19 care. Extra merit will be given to any submission that specifically benefits the care and quality of life for older people or people living with dementia.

Through a network of national and local partnerships, the Queen Silvia Nursing Award has awarded over 20 national nursing scholars and received thousands of submissions to highlight the need for professional nursing skills within older person care. Bonnier Healthcare joins other Queen Silvia Nursing Award Sweden partners such as Johanniterorden i Sverige, Home Instead, Attendo, Medicover, GoesArt, Nordnet, Vårdväskan, Color4Care, Oriflame, Bonliva, Vardaga, Svensk Sjuksköterskeförening, Hemsö, and Proxident; and in Finland with partners such as Attendo Suomi, Konstsamfundet, Puls & Träning, Nordnet Finland, and Elisa.

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